All hardware that we sell have a warranty that is backed by the manufacturer of each product and varies from product to product.  All of these products are not manufactured or engineered by CKS Brand.  We simply design the aesthetics only in these particular collaborations with other companies such as Aria Built, Asmodus, and VO Technology.  Since we are not the manufacturer we do not carry spare parts.  CKS Brand will only offer support for products purchased directly from cksbrand.com.  In the event a customer needs repair or replacement of their device then the customer will have to ship their defective device back to CKS Brand first and also cover the cost of shipping both ways.  If that particular product is discontinued or out of stock then the customer will have to contact the manufacturer directly.

Please note that all technical support and warranties for products manufactured by VO Technology or Asmodus will have to go through them directly, whether or not they were purchased from CKS Brand.  We no longer carry stock of any of VO Technology or Asmodus products so replacements are not available from CKS Brand.

Products not purchased directly from cksbrand.com will have to go through the manufacturer for any technical support or warranty inquiries.  Please see their contact information below.


Icon/VIA 200 Mod, Dagger Mod and Doors, No.9 Tank/M-Tank and coils, NTRS Mod, Fujin Spinner, all are engineered and manufactured by VO Technology

Email: info@vo.technology

Phone: 800.450.7868

Monday – Thursday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm PST (-8:00 GMT)


CK|S Edition Stride by Asmodus



Kaze V1/V2 RDA, Fujin V1 Tube Mod, Fujin V2 Box Mod, Fujin 24 - By Aria Built/ Beyond Vape

For PHIX and PHIX Pods
Customer Service / Warranty Claims : phix.mlv@gmail.com




Any questions regarding this warranty policy may be sent to this email for further assistance: support@cksbrand.com