In a world polluted by the precarious contamination of cigarette smoke in our air, we strive to make a difference.

CK|S represents the hope of humanity to one day turn this world into a smoke-free environment. Our products represent change and positivity through unification, awareness and education.

We choose to change. We change to live. The struggle is real, but we fight for freedom. Together we will thrive.






CK|S was established in early 2013 by co-founders Rendy Ichsan and Erik Nagashima.  

The two long-time friends both discovered vaping after a New Year’s resolution pact that was made between one another to quit smoking cigarettes. After a 16 year struggle with attempts to rid of their bad habits, success was finally found through vaping. As electronic cigarettes rapidly progressed through their lives, they started to notice a community that was quickly growing through vaping.  With their new found love in the subculture of vaping, Rendy and Erik made their conscious decision to form CK|S.

Their vision for the brand was to encompass all the aspects in the lifestyle of vaping that they loved and enjoyed into products of high quality, ingenuity and thoughtful engineering. CK|S embodies a lifestyle that intertwines an affluence of cultures stemming from street & everyday life, music, and art. The forefront of their mission is to influence others that smoke to make the healthier transition to vaping through their own personal testimonies in attempts to unify vapers through education and awareness of etiquette.