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CKS ZEAL Pods Pack - Pack of 4 Pods - 40mg, 1ML ea.

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Soda Poppin Vanilla Tobacco Apple Freeze

CKS Zeal Pods: PACK OF (4) 1ml ea.


  • Miniature atomizers with proprietary wicking materials
  • 1ml pods with 40mg nicotine per ml
  • Vacuum-sealed for consumer protection
  • Available in 3 bold flavors:
  1. Soda-Poppin' - A refreshing, ice cold soda pop!
  2. Vanilla Tobacco - A bold tobacco with a dash of vanilla.
  3. Apple Freeze - Mouthwatering apples on ice.
  • Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, flavorings (please note these flavorings do contain propylene glycol), and 100% domestically grown nicotine
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